Soulfire Books

With the advent of this company, a new day has dawned on the world of urban literature. At Soulfire Books, we possess the unique attitude that you deserve a reading experience that far exceeds your expectations, one that is totally transforming and enriching. Reading should be a wonderful habit.

SoulFire Books is the direct outgrowth of our desire to reform African-American literature. We strongly feel that literature is the written lifeblood of a people, the legendary symbol of both their inspirations and aspirations as well as the catalyst for their future ambitions.

In any event, SoulFire Books is here to free urban literature of its rigid reliance on sexual gimmicks, predictable plots, and unrepentant repetitiveness, thereby producing a body of work that will quicken our desire to alter the social dynamics of our environment.

Gibran Tariq

Soulfire Books 2018